Saturday, November 6, 2010

Back to basics

So here we are again, back to the good auld days. Back to a time where our government drains the benefits and pleasures out of living. They are the reason for our downfall. They are the reason why ordinary people cannot afford to enjoy the basic necessities of leisure. As my Dad often says, "They might as well take the steam from our piss!"

In the words of the late Ronnie Drew, "The history of Ireland is a history of oppression and the struggle of the people against it. The history of landlords and conniving politicians who sought to deprive the people of their birthright. And regular times in Ireland's past, these grievances have boiled over and the ordinary people have reacted in the only way open to them. REBELLION!"

But surely our government's intentions are good. Surely they need to make the odd budget adjustment here and there, in order to retrieve Ireland's prosperity. Do you honestly think that our politicians want to drag us back to a time where we were portrayed as conservative, God fearing drunken idiots???

Now you may be wondering how can an angry rant about the Irish government possibly have to do with a blog about drink. Well here are a few examples.....

A couple of weeks ago a prime example of our government's reputation was put on display in the US, on the Jay Leno show. Millions of yanks tuned in and saw the BIFFO (big ignorant fucker from Offaly) being subjected to a game called 'Bartender, politician or comic'?
Leno showed a photo of Cowen and asked the audience to guess his profession.
He then ended the sketch by saying: "So nice to know we're not the only country with drunk morons."
I personally thought that this skit was hilarious. I always love seeing our country's leaders being ridiculed on behalf of the Americans (of all people).


  1. heh that bit was pretty funny. You are sneaky connecting the drinking of a politician to a little rant on politics.

    Governments suck because people are either too stupid to realize something obvious or they become greedy. :(

  2. Kewl story, bro! waiting for updates from you